No further private consulting.

I will no longer be offering private consulting services to clients in my field of digital video marketing and/or search engine marketing. At this time I will be focusing on my corporate related directions for the purposes of product creation and business development both in the United States and abroad in Europe.

Richard De La Vega

I will continue to produce blog postings with regards to my free tips and helpful hints for individuals trying to better market their small businesses. From time to time I will even offer products and packages for small business owners that will help them drive the growth and the success of their businesses. As always, I believe in “learning” the hands on approach to marketing your business online and learning how to create and then utilize the world of video in your digital marketing plan.

I will not post as often, as I will be busier than a one winged be in a rain storm, but you can always email me with your questions or requests and I will respond directly in a timely manner or have my assistant respond to you with my answers.

In this time I am also going to be working hard to lose weight and become much more healthy than I am currently due to some new health concerns that have come up for me this last year. I assure my past customers and friends that it is not life threatening at all but it is a life changer, so I must change my life to where it once was.

Keep an eye out for one of my new products by the name of digital dealer university. Also listen for my new podcast coming out this summer and I will have it posted here as well.


Thank you and see you on the other side.


Richard De La Vega

Kick-Off Friday!

Well it is Friday again and it seemingly comes quicker and quicker every week. This is a great thing. Well I am still buried with the selling of my property and the move to the new one. Talk about a balance of getting these things done and being able to continue daily work and building of the podcast we are building and the free television show as well. So I am trying to practice what I preach here to all of you.

I have a selection for the Friday Kick Off music selection that I feel is great for building up some great energy and makes me smile when I feel I am buried with work. I hope that everyone has a great weekend and if your having a tough week, my heart goes out to you and hope that the sunrise for that is coming is warm and bright. Everyone have a great enjoyable weekend.

Richard Delavega Friday Kickoff – Music

Richard Delavega’s Friday Kickoff.


We are still in the middle of selling our building and i am actually selling my mothers home and moving her into a new place i am moving into in the next two weeks. If your thinking i am crazy to try and do a move and continue business posts here, your correct. Now consider me stupid for trying to do it multiplied by three, plain just crazy stupid. With all the story here, that most of you do not care to hear about, today’s Richard Delavega Friday Kickoff music selection is very much an old school pick. I loved this beat and a positive tone and just fun to dance to. So i hope all of my clients and customers and even those of you that have not worked with me yet had a great week. I sincerely hope that you have a better weekend and i hope this beat helps you to start that off.

Also keep in mind that this May i will be kicking off our Podcast of a new show that i will be announcing in May. I will have more information as we move forward.

Get into the people business and make millions!

The People Business

Every company is truely in the people business

Every company is truly in the people business


First of all I would like to apologize for this past Friday and not having a video for the regular Friday Kickoff. As I had warned about this month being a bit crazy, we are moving from one building to another. Actually, we are moving from a combination of two buildings to one large building and everything is torn apart and crazy. So I am sorry. With my apology made I wanted to make a post about a webinar I was a part of this morning. I performed business operation turn around’s, in my previous career. Basically I was a person that helped save business from failing and getting the back on their feet. With the experience of building and repairing businesses I was asked regularly by people, what were good tips they could use to build a business?

Most often my answer was along the lines of making sure that whatever the business you were building was one that you loved. I would also advise my professional clients, that the most sought after commodity in the world is enthusiasm. There is certain phrase and coined terms I use that are still the basic same core meaning and results. Enthusiasm, Passion, Love, Relationship, these are all different words but have the same meaning when It relates to building and branding a business both small and large. In my webinar this morning I spoke more passionately about this subject than I am here. I was fortune enough to have a discussion with Howard Shultz, the CEO and Chairman of the board of Starbucks™, about seven years ago. I was very impressed when he spoke about that fact that Starbucks™ was in the people business, not the coffee business. What a powerful example of insight into his company and into his customers. I remember thinking what a great description of why they were so successful. With so much intense competition, with coffee stands seemingly on every corner and parking lot, with coffee giants partnering with large retail store for mass location to compete, this man did not worry or even blink at telling me and the rest of the world that they were more interested in being a company of and for people not the product they sold. I realized how correct he was and that I was fortunate enough as well to have been raised with a similar mindset of business and of life for that matter. (more…)

Richard Delavega Advising.

Richard Delavega Advising

richard delavega Personal Digital Branding

RIchard Delavega dot com.

There are millions of Americans working hard every day at a job that they are not in love with. Many of us feel like we are on a spinning wheel going ever faster but still not going anywhere and just feel like we are standing still with regards to our financial and professional futures. Historically speaking, it has always been said that the only way to find success, and independence, is to work for you.

We have been working with companies for many years, helping them develop a better brand and better marketing for their online presence. We have specialized in teaching our clients how to use different mediums in a digital roadmap on the Internet. We have used Video Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Digital Lead Generation, and Social Branding all in an effort to build a better brand and thus a better thriving business. We have been doing our research and recently found, I believe, it will better for me, and more customers, to focus my strengths, and that of my team’s strengths, on helping individuals build a side business while working and marketing their “Personal Digital Brand.” We are calling it Richard Delavega Advising.

If you are the type of person that likes to use acronyms, then you can call it “PDB” coaching. I will personally be developing some of the results producing techniques I have used in my life, over the past twenty years, that enabled me to go from struggling loser to someone that is very happy, successful, and has a great future ahead of me. It is not about me though, it is about using some of the tools I have found and some that I have developed myself to allow you to find the success you have been looking for. There is no doubt that success is not all about making money. Success is different for everyone you ask to define it. Success can be money, better relationships, travel, time with family members, or having a positive retirement to look forward to. No matter what your definition of success is there is one common factor in achieving your own version of success. You must get into the right mindset and then apply that with the right tools that have been proven to work. (more…)

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